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Connecting our clients with the world of opportunities and their future

About Us

About Carte Blanche Family Office

CBFO is an independent, family-owned, Multi-Family Office (MFO) platform in the long-standing Swiss tradition of dedicated wealth management for both private and institutional clients. CBFO provides a comprehensive service to clients, offering a full range of options designed to complement and enhance their existing services.

We are the top exclusive provider of innovative premium Family Office Services. We are the company ofchoice for exclusive HNWI and their families wanting their activities managed, monitored and expanded for both a short and longer term by delivering exclusive bespoke solutions delivered through the excellence and competence of our specialized team, “Best in Class” professional partners and state-of-the-art encrypted digital processes.

The solutions we provide are as varied and dynamic as the individual and bespoke needs of our clients.All of our clients are unique; but all are provided a dedicated expert adviser who understands andprovides for their specific priorities and objectives. We recognize that these relationships - along with trust- take time to create and that empathy, as well as knowledge and expertise, are central to the services we provide.

By focusing our talent base in the key markets of the families and institutions, we have become a local company on a global scale. As an organization, we take pride in understanding the social fabric, laws and customs and respecting the diverse cultures in which we serve.

We do not expose ourselves or our clients to unnecessary risks. Rather, we use our worldwide reach, understanding and experience to anticipate change, marshal resources and deliver innovative, effective and reliable solutions.

With training in the arts, sciences, law, business, economics and finance, CBFO has significant experience and diverse insights of financial services, entrepreneurial and corporate leadership roles. This diversity provides us an intrinsic understanding of our various global markets and the synergies between them. CBFO performs an important role in maintaining the pace and character of economic developmentfor our clients.


Our logo has been inspired by the story of the Lion of Piraeus. This story encompasses what we standfor. We preserve the history but want to make our mark. Lions live in close family groups. They work together to defend territory and hunt. We do the same for our families and their businesses. We also respect and learn from history but like the Vikings who made their mark on the Piraeus Lion we don´t break things that work, only add our mark where we can for the better, and are never afraid to explore new territories and embrace the future.

Best of Both Worlds

The combination of our professional technical expertise and our global personal and professional relationship networks provide our clients a distinctively exclusive combination of best-in-class professional and personal services coupled with the ability to enrich their businesses, investments and personal interests through our global relationship network.

Professional Independence

As a fully independent professional family office, we are able to work together with all financial institutions and advisors without any conflicts of interest.

Ready for the Future

The world of investment, corporate and family office servicing rests amid the dynamic and challenging environments of compliance and regulation. Our team remains vigilant,following the changing worlds of our clients, identifying current and future issues and providing practical and innovative solutions to protect our clients´ best interests.

Private Ownership

Our firm is privately owned by its active partners, enabling swift, efficient decision processes to deliver bespoke client services - from planning through implementation.

Long Term Objectives

Carte Blanche´s business model is focussed on building long-term relationships with both our clients and the professionals with whom we cooperate. We are focussed on providing our clients exemplary long-term sustainable solutions and services that exceed expectations.

Highly Skilled Professionals

We maintain a team of highly skilled senior professionals, all of whom have extensive experience in business, investment and servicing and whom unite their understanding with exceptional expertise in a variety of international financial, planning, investment and servicing areas. Our team are certified Trust and Estate Planners (TEP), member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners (STEP).

Carte Blanche
Family Office AG